It all starts with the fragrant apple blossoms in spring; the sun-drenched South Tyrolean summer then ripens the apples uniformly and (depending on the exact location) the apple harvest begins in late summer! The Klauber (apple pickers) harvest every apple by hand and place them carefully in large, standardised crates.
lagerung The goods are immediately taken to the local fruit cooperative, where they are washed, sorted and stored.
sortierung Apples that are not immediately sold can be stored in low-oxygen, temperature-controlled cell rooms for 12 months without sacrificing taste or appearance.
verpackung This ensures sales throughout the entire year.
Cattura They are then delivered to our customers within a few hours.
2014-Apfel The famous South Tyrolean apples reach a wide range of shelves across Europe via food retailers, commercial agencies, intermediaries and fruit wholesalers. Only perfect fruit with no bruises or blemishes go on sale!
All steps on the path of an apple are carefully examined in order to provide our consumers with perfect fruit and vegetables.