Ingredients (for 4 persons):

3 Stark apples from Val Venosta
60 g sugar
juice of half a lemon
a bit of cinnamon stick
80 g milk chocolate
50 g full-cream milk
100 ml fresh cream (liquid)
2 g gelatine leaves
fine salt
80 g firm torrone
50 g black cherries in syrup
2 cl brandy



Peel apples, remove the core, cut them and cook them in a covered casserole dish with little water, sugar and cinnamon for some 10 minutes. Then remove the cover and continue cooking until dry.
Add lemon juice, remove the cinnamon stick and strain through a sieve or mix with a hand-held blender. Let cool and then fill into small glasses or bowls.
Wash black cherries and soak them in brandy for a few minutes.

Heat milk almost to the boiling point, add soaked gelatine leaves and pour on cut chocolate and stir well until melted. Let cool at room temperature, salt very carefully and add whipped cream as soon as gelation starts.
Put into the fridge for some hours.
Crumble torrone and put part of it into the prepared glasses. Fill with chocolate mousse with the help of a piping bag, then sprinkle with the remaining torrone. Complete with drained black cherries.